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Air freight services are considered to be the best option for transporting goods that needs
fast transport and delivery If you are in two minds whether to approach an air freight importer in India/ air freight exporter in India – have a read below. We have listed down the benefits of air freight services, to help you make the right decision for your business. On of the Main services Newglobe offers as an Air Freight Exporter from India is Quality check. For Garment Exports, our inspection team can check your order before it is dispatched to you to save time and discrepancies with your supplier Let’s get Benefits of Air Freight Importer and Exporter in India

Fastest Service

Air freight is one of the fastest transport alternatives as compared to road, rail, or ocean transport. Moreover, cargo freight departs in every alternate hour on various carriers. As a result, there shouldn’t be any problem even if there is some issue with a particular cargo plane.

Ship to Any Destination

With air freight forwarding services you can ship the merchandise to any destination – be it across the other side of the world or across the country. It is the best option if you want to deliver merchandise to a longer distance.

Can Transport Perishable Goods

Air freight is the ideal mode for transporting perishable goods that do not have a long shelf life. One of the fastest delivery methods, air freight helps you send and receive items in a short period of time.

Reduces Dependence On Warehousing

When you avail for air freight forwarding service, you do not have to keep the items in stock for a longer time. Cargo handlers, cargo inspection, and customs clearance are pretty efficient and a majority of the goods are cleared within a matter of hours. As a result, your dependency on warehousing is reduced.

Easy to Track

Air freight shipments can be easily tracked. Many air freight exporters and importers in India even provide web applications to track your goods. They give customers full visibility of their shipment. You can trace and track the shipment throughout the journey right from origin to destination.

Reliable and Secure

Air freight shipments are highly reliable and secured, as airlines tend to meet all their operational guidelines as per schedule. Tightly managed airport controls also reduce the risk of theft and damage. New Globe Group is one such company that offers air freight forwarding services. One of best air freight importers in India/ air freight exporters in India, the team offers well-organized freight forwarding services to the clients. At New Globe, every single shipment is looked after by dedicated customer service executives – whose sole job is to track your shipments and keep you updated. With advanced technology devices, the team allows you to view the location of your goods in real-time, from anywhere. Moreover, the team let shippers know of any issues that may have occurred at any point in their journey. To know more about this air freight importer in India/ air freight exporter in India – get in touch with the team.

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