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If your business uses shipping services often, the price can certainly be a very important factorfor you – especially when it comes to international shipping. After all, everyone wants to save on the cost to run the business. But while you cannot cut down the freight forwarding service charges largely, you can use the following ways to optimize and reduce the costs – depending on the situation and requirement of your business.

Evaluate Your Mode of Transport

Evaluate and re-examine your mode of transportation. Sea freight transportation is usually a cheaper option than air and ground freight, especially when it comes to international shipping. Discuss the distinctive alternatives with your logistics partner or project cargo forwarder to make sure you transport your shipment at the lowest basic value.

Hybrid Transportation/ Multiple Modes

If you are looking to optimize your cost and time, hybrid transportation or a transport mix can certainly help. By using a combination of air, sea, and ground transportation you can cut the cost to a certain extent. Take time to do solid research and know which option suits your business needs.

Try Sending Goods in Bulk

Try sending goods in bulk if you want to reduce the freight forwarding costs. Try sending 10 containers at once than sending 2 containers every two days. This will not only reduce the shipment frequency but will also lessen the overall cost. Note: Some goods need to be shipped more often. So try this option, as per your requirement.

Ship During Off-Peak Periods

Make a smart move by choosing to deliver it in those days when there is less traffic. This move also increases the chances of getting some cost relief. Find out the peak hours in your region and consider making the best use of these times. Remember, shipping a day later or earlier can make a difference. It will not only reduce the project forwarding charges but will also help you have a smooth shipment.

Research On Additional Charges That May Apply

If you are dealing with international shipment, ensure you are aware of all the duties, taxes, brokerages, or any other additional costs. Make sure you do a thorough research on this aspect. Next, discuss every cost detail with the project cargo forwarders before finalizing the deal. This will help you better estimate the cost of your freight. Moreover, it will reduce any unwanted or fake charges.

Opt for a Reliable/Trustworthy Project Freight Forwarder

Look for a reliable project freight forwarder, if you want the best thing within your budget. A reliable project freight forwarder will not cheat you. Instead, they will help you reduce your overall cost in the best possible way. That’s not all! Reliable project freight forwarders can also increase your connectivity with various other companies or brands in the market.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Loyal Customer

Rather than switching to a new logistics partner, develop a good relationship with your current one. Let your logistics partner know that you are a loyal customer and that you have been using their services for a long time now. Reliable logistics companies can’t afford to lose their potential and regular customers. As a result, the company might help you earn some perks/ benefits because of the strategic, long-term relationship. Freight shipping cost is a costly expenditure for your business. However, by implementing some simple changes, you can trim the extra fat without compromising your business operations. If you are looking for the best project forwarding company in Mumbai contact New Globe Group. The expert project cargo forwarders will offer you the best medium and best possible routes for transporting your good at the right destination, at the right time. Moreover, with complete transparency and efficiency, the team will give you the best freight services at highly affordable prices.

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