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The role of a custom clearance agent or a broker is to work as an intermediary between the client and the government departments such as customs, department of environment, department of infrastructure, etc. Failure to comply with the numerous customs and trade regulations can result in customs audits, assessment of penalties, higher tariffs, or the cargo being confiscated.

New Globe Group - a leading licensed custom broker in Mumbai has unmatched expertise in areas of customs consultancy to ensure proper classification and speedy clearance of goods. Being an authorized clearing and forwarding agent in Mumbai we ensure that the necessary government declarations and security requirements are completed accurately for your freight shipments.

Our team of professionals handles the shipment at every stage of the clearance procedure - with great ease. The team is fully aware of the regulations, laws, and tariffs schedules of custom. They are well cognizant of the challenging needs and changing demands of today's businesses. As a result, they are able to carefully deal with the day to day operations and formalities involved in the respect of clearance of cargo. Streamlined and well organized, the team leaves no chance for the occurrence of any problems or delays in the shipment process.

New Globe Group has a nationwide network of offices across India. We are also backed by a network of partners. sThe relationship we have built through the years has allowed us to grow as a company. Apart from this, our ability to maintain the timeline has helped us position our name in the list of top-notch companies in the industry.

Choose New Globe’s custom brokers in Mumbai to handle all your import and export shipments. With cost-effective solutions, we will ensure a smooth clearance of your goods. Do get in touch with our team to know more about our custom clearing agent charges in Mumbai.

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Does New Globe Group handle the customs clearance process?

Established in the year 1950, New Globe is one of the best custom brokers in Mumbai. The organization has unmatched expertise in areas of customs consultancy to ensure proper classification and speedy clearance.

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