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New Globe Logistik - The Best Air Freight Forwarder in India

As companies are moving in the fast paced world, importing and exporting perishable materials has become a huge challenge which cannot be settled with traditional modes of transport.

This is when Air Freight Forwarding services come into the light. Air Freight Forwarding Services provide the ideal solution to ship time-sensitive goods in a cost-effective, secure, timely and efficient manner from anywhere around the world.

Hence, Air Freight forwarders are the Air-tight solutions for freights that can’t wait for too long!

Air Freight Forwarding can be a difficult process, especially, if you are shipping the goods for the very first time.

However, hiring a trusted and recognized air freight forwarder like New Globe Logistik which has over 70+ years of trusted service, transports goods in a safe and timely manner which makes the process much less daunting and relieving.

An Integrated Approach Towards Air Freight Forwarding Services

New Globe Logistik takes pride in offering superior air freight forwarding services since the 1950s and are a leading Air Freight Forwarders in India.

The air freight import and export services in India are executed by a team of well qualified and highly trained professionals who work closely to execute each task with a high level of efficiency.
Also, all the services provided by our expertly managed team pay strict attention to environmental, health, and safety issues.

A Highly Trained and Experienced Professional Air Freight Forwarding Team for YOU!

Being a reputed Air Freight forwarder for over 70+ years with premiere ISO 9001 certified, IATA approved logistics company. The New Globe Group aims to render services with respect to the varied requirements of our clients.

As a result, our air freight forwarders proactively assist clients in every facet of the process which includes,

  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Inventory management
  • Documentation, and a lot more!

Our professional team executes the services using modern machines and the latest techniques so as to dispatch the ordered consignment at the desired location within the promised time frame. With complete attention to detail, the team strives to serve better in every possible way.

Which are the Industries that would Benefit from Air Freight Forwarding Services?

Air Freight is the air-tight solution for goods which are perishable or cannot be stored for long. Hence, industries which provide time-sensitive products or highly valuable products benefit the most from Air Freights!

  • Automobile Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Electronics
  • Medical

Other essential goods transported by air freights are Spaceship Parts, Money, Gold Bars, Pharmaceuticals, Perishable Food, Flowers, and a lot more!

Why do Businesses use Air Freight Forwarders?

Freight Forwarders are the most essential extension of every business because importing and exporting freights by an unprofessional channel may lead to loopholes, mistakes and delay in the shipment process. Also, these mistakes made in shipping can prove very costly for a company.

Air Freight Forwarders provide the ultimate solution to all your shipment needs with a highly trained and professional team which can handle adverse situations with ease and also helps in saving a lot of time, efforts and money.

Why is the New Globe Group the ideal solution to all your freight needs?

New Globe Group is a technologically advanced Air Freight Forwarder with a highly trained professional team to manage each project carefully.

With a proven track record and excellent personal equations built over 70+ years of performance – New Globe’s air freight forwarding service is known to be highly appreciated by our valued clients like Acer India, Bosch Global, McDonald's, Reliance Industries Ltd, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. New Globe is a company which provides one of the fastest and safest cargo services and has an established reputation within the industry.

Hence, the New Globe Group is known as one of the best air freight importers and exporters in India because we believe in one providing clear communication in a single mail which reduces frequent back and forth communication.

Example: Your Cargo is arriving at 4:00am at Amsterdam via flight no Dk23 on KLM Airlines.
Our skilled air freight forwarders will offer you comprehensive and tailor-made air logistics support as per your needs. No matter what is the size, dimensions, or volume of your goods, we can transport your cargo from any point of origin to any destination in the world.
For cost-effective and smooth delivery of your cargo, get in touch with our team today.

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Does the team offer air freight forwarding service?

New Globe Group offers seamless air freight forwarding solutions, be it any origin, any destination in any corner of the world.

Will the goods arrive by a certain time?

What are the charges for air freight forwarding service?


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